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"Web Stone has been a friend and criminal associate for some time. He had the good taste to be one of the first people in the universe to find me not entirely without prospects."
- Anthony Bourdain

Recent Rugged Land titles from first-time authors:

Girl from Nowhere by Tiffany Rosenhan

“Rosenhan's debut is absolutely crammed with action, international name-dropping and intrigue.”
―Kirkus Reviews

“Heartpounding international action fuels this novel at an unrelenting pace. . . . [A] twisting, turning thriller from beginning to end.”

“A fast-paced spy thriller with enough twists and turns to keep readers entertained.” ―Publishers Weekly

60 Stories About 30 Seconds by Bruce Van Dusen

In 60 Stories About 30 Seconds, director Bruce Van Dusen's quick wit, keen observations, and entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes serve as a delirious love letter to his lifelong passion—making television commercials. A truly delightful read."
—Meredith Vieira

The Caterpillar’s Edge by Sid Mohasseb

"In this age of unpredictability, disruption and change, the need for innovation, and even reinvention, are par for the course. Mohasseb's The Caterpillar's Edge challenges business leaders to let go of misguided ideas and static strategies and to embrace a new way of thinking."
—Lynne M. Doughtie, Chairman and CEO, KPMG

"Sid's compilation of thoughts is motivating, energizing, and necessary for success in today's world. We must keep evolving to thrive, and he tells us this in so many ways. A great read."
—James Ellis, Dean of Marshall Business School, University of Southern California

California Smoke by Hank Shaeffer

"An impressive first novel ... schemers ... scammers ... witty wisecracks ... a rich supporting cast ... This is a puzzle box of a caper, each piece sliding snugly into place to create a gratifying and thoroughly enjoyable finale." 
Publisher’s Weekly

"An enjoyable Tarantino-type tale . . . badass characters all fun in their own sleazy ways. A pulp fiction of weed, greed, sex, and trees."
Kirkus Reviews

I Held Lincoln by Richard Quest

"This book is an opportunity for readers to reacquaint themselves with the men and women who felt our nation was worth preserving."
J. Kemper Campbell, Lincoln Journal Star

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Rugged Land titles have appeared on The Today Show, The Daily Show, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Sixty Minutes and the front page of The New York Times.

Stone himself has written for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal among other publications.


"Web Stone has been a friend and criminal associate for some time.

He had the good taste to
be one of the first people in the universe to find me not entirely without prospects."

“Over time, he has involved me in any number of crackpot hare-brained schemes – usually involving bent cops, disgraced ex-intelligence officers, people with funny accents, special forces muscle-heads (the type of people who are apparently ALWAYS calling Web up in the middle of the night and breathing heavy over the phone) and a seemingly endless procession of Harvard pencil-necks.

But he dresses well and is always hanging around with really cute chicks. Everything we ever did together was an entertaining, flattering, fun – and ultimately futile exercise in alcoholic excess. I hope this publishing scam works out for Web. The cocksucker owes me big time.”